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Providing In-home hospice and euthanasia for your pet

What We Do

We're Here For Your Pet's Final
Stage Of Life

Locally owned and operated, Serenity Vet Services mission is to magnify love and honor the human-pet bond.

In-Home and Virtual
Hospice Care

Sometimes you know the time to say goodbye is not far away and your pet still has some quality of life but would benefit from some palliative care such as pain management. We can assist in treatment plans and hospice-related prescriptions.

This is a great option for pets who have an increasingly difficult time making the trip to out of home appointments.


The decision to say goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest and most important decisions you will make. When the time comes to put your pet to sleep, compassionately allowing your pet to pass at home surrounded by their family and in their favorite spot is a wonderful gift.

We will come to your home for an unhurried, personal, calm, and loving pet euthanasia appointment.

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